Saturday, October 24, 2015

31 Days of Halloween Tales - Just Desserts

A crushing little tale entitled:

Just Desserts

Would the others come for it?

Kara contemplated the stale piece of wedding cake in her hand and wondered.

Perhaps if they knew she had it they would. If someone had seen her take it that night. That was a distinct possibility but then again, most of those people were dead already.

Saturday. Had it been eight days already? Eight days since her wedding? Eight days since she became a widow?

She shook her head. No, she mustn’t think like that. Mason could still be alive, was probably still alive.

She had no proof that he was alive, but she also had no proof that he was gone either. Kara didn't think God could be that cruel.

Kara recalled those first hours after the shaking began and the building around them crumbled. Most of the people had eaten dinner already, the bridal party and the two family tables for sure, maybe even one of the other tables as well. She couldn't be sure now.

The rest of the food from the reception had been carefully rationed out to each person that remained, enough to last several days they thought. They weren't really worried about it lasting any longer than that, they foolishly believed someone would be coming for them long before it was gone.

And there had been sounds that first night into the following day. Denise, her matron-of-honor, thought she heard someone yelling the next evening as well but there had been nothing since.

How bad had the earthquake been? Is it possible rescuers couldn't get to them and had left them all to die a slow death in this dark grave?

Eight days they had been trapped in here and the last piece of wedding cake was sitting in her hand. Probably the last of the food. She could make it last two or three days if she was careful, if no one saw her eating it and took it from her.

Kara heard raised voices coming from the other room, someone was talking about eating the dead again.

She glimpsed at the cake in her hand and smirked. "Let them eat the dead, I'll eat cake."

Marie Antoinette would be proud.

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