Monday, September 28, 2015

31 Days of Halloween Tales!!!

October is nearly here!!! My favorite time of year!!!

So, I know several television networks pick up and run with the Halloween Horror theme for the month of October and I try to personally watch as many horror movies as I can in that short time.

This year I thought I would also get in on the fun and do my own version of 31 Days of Halloween by writing and posting 31 stories about Halloween during the month of October. One story for each day!

They might be short, like flash fiction short, and they might run into the thousands of words as I've been known to get mighty long winded at times. I can't promise they will be award winning but I can promise they will be original and new.

So curl up in your favorite chair with your favorite hot beverage and enjoy a little bit of Halloween fun on me.

I'll see you in October!!