Thursday, October 22, 2015

31 Days of Halloween Tales - First Impressions

Today's tale is entitled:

First Impressions

"Listen to them, the children of the night. What sweet music they make."
Brenda glared up at her latest First Date. "What the hell does that mean?
"That's from Dracula, remember?"
"Yes, of course I remember but what does that have to do with your car not starting? Besides, that was a dog barking, not a wolf howling."
"Maybe it was, maybe it wasn't."
"Shut up, Christopher. I am not going to let you scare me."
"I'm not doing anything. I just wanted to point out that there may or may not be wolves in these woods."
"This is Los Angeles, Chris. Not Montana. And not even Griffith Park in Los Angeles. Just plain old Los Angeles."
"Okay, Brenda, you go on thinking whatever you wish. But I think there is a wolf nearby."
So this is the game he wanted to play? She laughed in spite of his attempts to frighten her. "A wolf in sheep's clothing, more likely."
"Are you talking about me? I can assure you, madam, that my intentions are quite honorable."
Christopher seemed like a sweet guy but honorable? Brenda wasn't quite so sure about that. The way he ogled her sometimes, like she was the main course in a three course meal. And this whole car breaking down routine? Wasn't that just in the movies that men tried that ploy?
Then this ride to “view the beautiful Los Angeles skyline” which did not impress her in the least either. No wonder this guy didn’t date much. Her idea of a good time was a movie and dinner at Tam O’Shanter, not a ride into the wilderness. She decided that from now on she needed to be much more choosy about the men she accepted a date from.
"Okay Sir Christopher. How do you plan on getting us out of this mess? We're in the middle of nowhere with no cell phone coverage and your car won't start. And I’m starving!"
"Never fear Lady Brenda. We shall be dining before you know it. A kiss before I depart?"
Brenda felt more like smacking him than kissing him but she kissed him anyway. Anything to get him moving.

She felt the change begin before she opened her eyes.
His eyes narrowed and darkened as he glared at her.
"Christopher, what is the matter?"
Brenda felt her heart skip inside her chest and she wondered if it could burst from fear. Christopher was gone and in his place, something else.
"What's happening??” she squealed.
Fear gripped her chest as her confused brain tried to rationalize what she was seeing.
A voice she did not recognize came from the mouth of the beast. "I told you my intentions were honorable. You should be quite honored to be my next meal."
Brenda did not have time to scream before dinner was served.

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