Saturday, March 29, 2014

WeWriWa 3/30/14

It's time for Sunday Snippets where writers of all genres get to strut their stuff!!! Take a look, there's plenty to like!

The last snippet from Bid Love's's nearly time to send it to the alpha readers..

Amanda has run away to the isolation of the Marblehead Lighthouse on the eve of her ex-husband's wedding but instead of finding solitude, she has discovered a stranger named Christian and his dog, Captain...

We stood in silence, watching as Captain chased the ball about the grounds and waiting for the sun to go down. I forgot about investigating the lighthouse and taking photographs for it was Christian that held my attention that afternoon at Marblehead, him, and trying to figure what I could possibly say that could make him remain a little longer.

Night comes early that time of year however, and as dusk settled in and the cottage behind me began to disappear into the pending darkness, I knew it was time to leave. I looked at him, without embarrassment this time, taking in his silhouette knowing perhaps I would not see him again. I wanted to remember the curves of his face, the clear coolness of his eyes. 
With nothing more to say, I whispered a simple good-bye, turned away from the shore leaving Christian and Captain behind me in the fading twilight.

I held my breath as I walked, waiting for a response from him but none came. As I reached the cottage and opened the door, I turned back towards the cliffs, hoping for one more glance of them. only to discover they were both gone.


  1. Nice name for a dog. I liked the pacing and descriptions, yet wondered where they went at the end. Funny how one minute someone is there, and the next they're not.

  2. Fascinating, very atmospheric and quite promising for whatever will come next. Loved the excerpt!

  3. Nice scene setting, very moody. I like that Christian remains a mystery, for now.

  4. Ooh, where'd he go? Maybe he's working up the courage to come knock on the door and ask for a spot of tea? You got me curious and thinking about what might happen, nice eight.

  5. Beautiful, lyrical writing. I love: curves of his face, clear coolness of his eyes.