Monday, March 10, 2014

Finding My Niche...

I have always loved scary...always...

From The Uninvited to The Conjuring...if it's about ghosts and ghoulies and things that bump in the night, I am there...

I've read nearly every Stephen King book there is including the non-fiction. His books have a rhythm to them that beats in time with my own, swirling and tickling a brain that finds the same patterns in people and situation. I don't know how or why that is, it simply is.

It used to concern me. It no longer does.

I love Dean Koontz' Odd Thomas, the Mayfair Witches of Anne Rice, and the visitors in Shirley Jackson's Hill House. I adore the ghostly spirits of Peter Straub, Scott Nicholson, and Susan Hill, to name a few.

This is where I live and this is how I write.

And I write what I know.

I've written in various genres including erotica, romance, supernatural, and  paranormal, but it seems to be the combination of three or four of them where I fall the most. 

I have written stories that frightened myself. Even when I know what is going to happen, I still get a cold chill that stiffens my spine, calls forth goosebumps, and forces me to barricade myself in the house and turn on all the lights. And to me, those are the best.

I may have never have found my niche if it wasn't for the likes of Shirley Jackson, Edgar Allan Poe, and Richard Matheson, all writing stories in the key of MY life long before I realized it...


  1. Good for you, figuring that much out about your writing! My stuff is more over the adventurous side of science fiction and fantasy (with a hint of romance.) I'm not as much for the scary stuff myself, but I enjoy reading it sometimes! Nice to meet you.

    1. Thank you and nice to meet you as well! I read nearly every genre although my writing always seems to slip into the frightening, either real or imagined, no matter what I start out writing.

  2. Fascinating essay, Cynthia and fellow King fan. Isn't it fun to live amongst the terror?

    1. So glad you stopped by Tom! Thank you for your comment and yes, it is wondrous to live in these strange minds we were blessed with! (Even when friends and family members give us that "look")