Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Wednesday Snippet...

I thought I would post a little snippet of a story that I recently wrote...At the moment it lingers on the pages as a short story but it may turn into a novelette in the future.

A heaviness settled over the inn as it does on these evenings when the darkness comes early and lasts an eternity. There was no one else in the tavern spare the four of us and the blazing fire warmed the room so that the traveler's eyelids soon became heavy in the heat. I thought that perhaps the couple would retire to their room once their bellies were full but instead of taking their leave, the young man turned to Clara, his eyes heavy with exhaustion, and asked her about the portrait that hung above the heavy oak mantle of the fireplace.

Clara smiled as she always did when asked about the Woman in White. It was a tale she liked to share and a cold winter's night such as this one was perfect for the telling of it. Perfect for a ghost story.

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