Thursday, January 23, 2014

Daydream Believer...

No, I am not talking about the classic song made famous by The Monkees...although I do like it, I never understood exactly what it was about...and who the hell is Sleepy Jean anyway??

I have always been a believer in daydreams...

Maybe it's because I am a writer or perhaps it's the other way around. My mind drifts off into other worlds from ours as I wander among friends of the oddest sort. That is when things come into focus.

My dreams and nightmares are one pool of inspiration for me, the creative type of inspiration that brings the darkest stories forth.

The daydreams, however, are what keep me going back to the chair in front of the keyboard and writing when I feel like doing any thing but.

I have three places I can run and hide on any given Morning Pages when I need to get shit off my WIP when I feel the need to become creative, and my blog when I have something I want to share. 

Not to mention Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest which all play a part in getting IT done. 

My daydreams keep me coming back, dear Readers, when nothing else can and things are at their darkest.  

And I don't think I could survive as a writer without them.

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