Thursday, January 30, 2014

Flash Fiction Thursday!!!

Every Thursday I attempt to write a short (250 words or less) story for a contest offered by fellow author and blogger, Siobhan Muir.  Some weeks it comes easy to me, the story writes itself. Other weeks I struggle and sometimes the story is so awful (in my opinion) that I don't offer it up. I usually do write something, however, whether I post it or not is another matter.

This week I wrote a little story, it started silly and turned into something else, as my work often does. I can't seem to write a straight romantic piece to save my soul and honestly, I have pretty much stopped trying. 

Without further ado...following is the link to my Flash Fiction for today where you can see it HERE in its abbreviated  form. 

And here is the whole story and nothing but the whole story...the expanded version of my Thursday Flash Fiction....Enjoy!!!  

Okay, so it was a blind date. Technically. I mean, it wasn't in the sense that I had met him on one of those freebie dating sites and therefore knew all his likes and dislikes, what his ideal First Date was, that he worked nights, and that he lived outside of Boston in one of the old neighborhoods. 

On the other hand it was a blind date in the sense that his online profile had not included a photograph and I was therefore walking into a situation that might require me to either endure a very long evening staring at my dinner plate until I could politely vamoose or (heaven forbid) excuse myself to the ladies room and attempt an escape out the door before he noticed. 

Luckily, I was not forced into either situation because Mason (DARK STRANGER) Elleridge was amazing looking and very easy on the eyes. Not to mention that he had taken over the entire restaurant for the evening and vanishing without a trace would have been quite impossible for me to do in the near vacant building.

Plus, there were roses...dozens of red and white  roses in clear crystal vases and thick white pillar candles...everywhere...and I do mean everywhere. If he was trying  to impress me on our first date, he was doing a helluva job. 

"Are you trying to seduce me, Mr. Robinson?"

I watched Mason's face twist slightly as if he were trying to figure out what the hell I was talking about. Seriously? What man over the age of fifty hadn't seen "The Graduate"? Had he been living under a rock?

I shook my head as the joke shot above his handsome head and disappeared into the darkness of the night sky. At six foot, thick black hair with just a smidgen of gray, and eyes like clear gray pools you could easily drown in, the man was definitely good-looking but not too quick on the uptake. 

"Just a joke, Mason. Don't look so panicky."

His gaze softened a little  and I caught a flash of pearly whites for the first time that evening. Wow, what bright teeth you have, Grandma...I thought it, but didn't say it. One joke bomb this evening was quite enough, thank you.

"So, do you come into the city very often?"

His voice, deep and rich with a heavy Irish brogue that made my knees weak and other parts of my anatomy tingle, whispered into my ear, "Only when I'm hunting."

I shuddered a bit, even his scrumptious accent couldn't  disguise the edge to his voice. What guy hunts in the city? What can they hunt in the city? I didn't think I really wanted to know but I couldn't manage to stop myself from asking.

"How do you manage that? I didn't think they allowed weapons inside city limits."

Mason leaned in closer and brushed his lips against my neck. I shuddered once again, this time for a different reason however, and felt myself slipping into his arms. I was unable to focus suddenly, my mind began to spin in a kaleidoscope of reds as the room around us disappeared from sight.  Desire rose in a deep blush across my skin and I felt the delicious sensation of warmth as he tore into the delicate flesh of my throat.

"It's easier than you would think, my darling, Emily... You simply have to bring the right tool for the kill."

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