Monday, October 19, 2015

31 Days of Halloween Tales - Sister Knows Best

A story of siblings entitled:

Sister Knows Best

"Are you sure this is the way?"

I looked at the hand-drawn map in my hand and nodded.

"I think so. Maybe it just looks different now that it is getting dark."

"I have to say Dee, this is the craziest thing you have ever dragged me into."

"Well, you didn't want me to come here alone! I could have you know, but you insisted."

"I wasn't about to let my sister wander into some strange bar in the middle of nowhere without some backup. This guy should know better than to do this on a blind date."

She was probably right, as usual. But it wasn't exactly a "blind" date. Shaun and I had Skyped several times before tonight and he looked pretty normal as far as I could tell.

But my sister was relentless. "I've never heard of this bar Dee, I even Googled it and nothing came up."

"Shaun said it's fairly new so maybe that is why you couldn't find it."

That sounded lame, even for me but I hated to admit I was wrong to Lori. "Sis, we'll know in a couple of minutes either way. It should be right here." I tried to sound optimistic but I was faltering.

"Stop." The word came out of my sister in a whisper but her tone was enough to stop me dead.

"What's the matter?"

"Shhhh… listen."

"Is it coming from the bar?'" I said the words although the small cottage showed no signs of life or of being an actual bar of any type.

"That is no bar, Dee. It's a friggin shack in the middle of the woods."

I had to admit she was right again.

"Someone is coming."

Lori grabbed my arm, her nails digging into my flesh. I would think about smacking her later but right then I was too scared. She yanked me behind some bushes just before an old Chevy Blazer pulled in front of the shack and stopped. The driver's door opened and Shaun stepped out.

I nearly yelled for him but my instincts were already sending out more warning signals than I could deal with at the moment and Lori's nail were still digging into my arm.

Shaun walked around to the rear of the Blazer and opened the back. I lost sight of him for a minute or so but when he reappeared, he was carrying a young woman in his arms. Her wrists and ankles were bound by something and from her muffled screams I guessed she must have been gagged as well. She was struggling to free herself but in just seconds he managed to snatch her inside the shack.

"What the fuck?" Lori didn't cuss often but when she did, watch out.

"What the hell? Is he actually with another girl?"

Lori looked at me as if I had lost my mind.


"Shaun invited me here and he shows up with another girl?"

"Dee, please listen to yourself. That girl is in trouble."

That thought hadn't occurred to me, I thought this was some kind of weird sexual game or some strange fetish. I had read Fifty Shades of Gray after all.

My first instinct was to run away, fast.

"What should we do?"

Lori didn't answer me, she was already walking towards the shack.

I caught up to Lori and peeked into the window with her.

Shaun had the girl on a large table and was strapping her down to it. The girl was fighting him with all she had but he seemed to just ignore her struggle. When she was secured he removed the tape from her mouth.


The scream hurt and I had to cover my ears. If I thought for one moment that this was all some lover's game, that idea was shot to hell with the sound of that scream.

Lori was already running towards the door.

I stepped into the shack a second after Lori. The girl on the table was screaming at both of us to help her.

It was then that I noticed Shaun, or what used to be Shaun. It was more like a Wolf-Shaun combo.

What I could see of his skin was now covered with a dark gray fur but his face had completely transformed into something else. He was wolf-like or maybe wolfish, that much I can say for sure.  I don't know if it recognized me but there did seem to be something in it's eyes as it turned it's gaze away from the girl on the table  and towards the two women standing in the doorway. 

I heard Lori scream just as the Shaun-wolf lunged towards us.


I wasn't ready for the blast. Even if I had seen it coming I might not have been ready for it. My ears rang loudly and I was quite sure I was deaf, but at least I could no longer hear the girl's screams.

Lori hadn't moved but Shaun, he was back to being just Shaun, was now lying on the floor, a small red stain spreading on his shirt, a large burgundy puddle forming beneath where he lay.

"Are you alright?"

I thought I heard a voice but I couldn't be sure. I turned around and saw my brother Abraham standing in the doorway. I think I fainted then but just before the room swayed, I caught a glimpse of the gun in his hands.


By the time I woke up I was already back in my car and Lori was driving at what I would consider a high rate of speed.

My head hurt from its unfortunate connection with the wood floor of the cottage and I winced as I fingered the large egg on the back of my skull.

"What happened?"

"What happened, Dee? What happened??!!" My sister's voice was shrill and practically screaming at me. It made my head hurt even more.

"I'll tell you what happened, Miss Deidre Van Helsing. What always happens with you. You get yourself involved with some supernatural creature and your siblings have to come and get you out of the mess you created. A werewolf. What the hell were thinking? Grandma's House? You actually wanted to go to a bar named Grandma's House?? 

I hadn't thought of that and I should have. My brother and sister always know that kind of stuff and I've often wonderhow did those genes miss me?

"And that loser last month??  He was a vampire, Dee. A blood sucking vampire."

She was still ranting but I managed to tune her out as I stretched out on the backseat. She was right though. I had to admit my luck with men lately wasn't all that great.

Perhaps I should try a different dating site. 

When I signed up with SexyBeastsForLove this wasn't exactly what I had in mind.

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