Tuesday, October 13, 2015

31 Days of Halloween Tales - Goodnight Irene

A silly tale entitled:

Goodnight Irene

The room was lit only by a tiny nightlight and what moonlight managed to peek in from the window as three young girls huddled together silently on the narrow twin bed, afraid, yet enthralled of what was to come.

"It happened a long long time ago, before I was born, I'm not sure when exactly. My Grandfather Edward was lost at sea and my Grandmother Irene held seances right here in this very room so that she could talk to him.

Susie spoke up first. "Did she? Talk to him I mean?"

Melanie looked at her friends on the bed and smiled in the dark. This was going to be easy.

"Yes she did. She had never been alone you see and couldn't bear it."

"What happened?" Linda whispered.

"Well, they actually held three seances here in what was once the library but it wasn't till the third seance that Grandma Irene saw her dead husband. In the flesh."

One of the girls gasped but Melanie couldn't tell which one. She grinned a little broader then continued.

"The four of them were sitting around a table right where that bed is now. Just sitting and waiting as they had during the first two seances but this time Grandpa Edward came.

First the room became ice cold, cold enough so that the four people sitting around the table could see their breath come out in a white clouds in front of their faces. And then the candle blew out all on its own so that the room was really dark. Sort of like it is right now."

One of the girls began whimpering. Melanie thought it was Susie but couldn't be sure.

"Then, when it was so dark that they could barely see,  my Grandma heard Grandpa singing the song he sang to her every night as they were getting ready for bed…

Irene goodnight
Irene goodnight
Goodnight Irene
Goodnight Irene 
I'll see you in my dreams.

And right there... in that doorway right next to you…  stood my Grandpa Edward singing to my Grandma just like he always did."

My best friend Cheryl giggled nervously but said nothing.

"Did they ever see him again?"

Melanie was ready. "Oh yes! We see him all the time!"

No one moved for a moment or two then Linda snapped on the lamp next to the bed. It shed a little more light into the room than the tiny nightlight had but not much.

The four girls just looked at each other in silence until Susie stuck out her tongue. "You're lying, Melanie. You're nothing but a big liar. Your house is so not haunted." She stuck her lip out and pouted. Melanie felt like slapping her. "Now, I get to choose a game and I want to play Mystery Date."

Melanie shrugged "Well okay, if you don't believe me."  She leaned over and dug the game out from beneath her bed. Leave it to Susie.

The four girls gathered in a circle on the floor and set up the game. Linda was just about to roll the dice when the singing began.

"What was that?" Susie squealed.

"It's nothing. Just my Grandpa." Melanie noted matter-of-factly.

The singing grew louder as it drew closer to the room.

Goodnight Irene
Goodnight Irene
I'll see you in my dreams.

Linda screamed and Susie ran towards the open window. Melanie thought she just might jump.

The door slowly opened and there stood Grandpa Edward. Smiling and singing.

Susie screamed and darted past Grandpa Edward, with Linda close on her heels. The two girls were still carrying on when Melanie's mom shuttled them into her old Dodge to take them both home.

Cheryl was laughing hysterically.

"What was that all about Melly?"

"Just some scaredy cats Mom made me invite over to spend the night but they changed their minds I guess. Can you take us for ice cream, Grandpa?"

"Sure kiddo. Just let me tell your Grandma we are leaving."

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