Saturday, February 22, 2014

WeWriWa 2/23/14

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A snippet from my current WIP...The residents of the enchanted town of Jordan Village have something to hide it seems...

...But the safety and serenity of small town life is like a house of glass, an illusion that with one wrong misstep can come crashing down and shatter into pieces at your feet. The fortunate ones understand this early on in life, learning the hard way is the only way I am afraid. The rest, the unfortunate ones, who either through ignorance or naivety remain in the dark, are simply washed out to sea when the storm hits.

There is something old and ancient that lives in our little area of the world. It is different here, the uneasy  ghosts of the past forever scar the ground in New England. If you were to care to, you could perhaps ask the folks from Sleepy Hollow, New York or Salem, Massachusetts about the veil that obscures the many secrets of their residents. It’s alive and fed by the people who live there, a living, surreptitious entity. As Stephen King once wrote of small town folks, “…we can keep a secret when we have to”…… “And the people who live there keep them still.”


  1. Goosebumps! Excellent snippet, Cynthia! I'm in! I want to readmore.

    Your words are almost like poetry, washing me into the setting, and they're also very prophetic...foreboding, a warning. Or maybe they're a challenge, an "I dare you to read further..."

    Yep...goosebumps. Good 8. :-)

  2. Very atmospheric and foreboding and intriguing and...I may run out of adjectives here! Great snippet, can't wait to learn more about this spooky place.

  3. Great snippet-very chilling. I'm l looking forward to the rest.