Monday, February 24, 2014

Monday Monday....

Even after a wonderful, relaxing day off yesterday, I have to say, I am glad that it's Monday.

Instead of my usual routine of a morning workout on the treadmill and a page or two of writing, I spent yesterday reading and finishing a book I was enjoying immensely.. The Woman in Black by Susan Hill...It was beautifully descriptive and scary and a great pleasure to read. 

But what reading something like that does to me, other than giving me inspiration and filling my very soul, it makes me want to write and write well.

I feel guilty when I take a day off from running and writing, although I know that it is quite a necessary thing to do. The itch to write that lies just beneath my skin all day is maddening. I pick up my iPad, thinking just a thought or two..just a few minutes...

I love running and I love telling stories..and I wish nothing more than to be the best I can be at both..

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