Thursday, October 8, 2015

31 Days of Halloween Tales - Long Distance Calling

Talk about long distance charges….

Long Distance Calling

"Whatcha doing, Benny?
"Nothing Rog. Mind your own business, okay?"
"You're doing something. I can see it!"
"Just don't tell Ma. I'll let you try if you promise not to tell Ma."
"I promise. So whatcha doing really?"
I'm talking to someone."
"On that old phone?? C'mon Benny, that thing ain't worked in forever."
"I know it don't work for regular phone calls, but listen. Here, just say hello."
"Benny, that's dumb! That phone ain't even plugged in to nothing."
"It don't need to be plugged in, Rog. Just say hello. It's Grandpa Will."
"Grandpa Will? But Grandpa Will's dead Benny."
"Yeah I know he is but we can still talk to him. Just say hello and see."
"Hello? Hello? There ain't nobody there Benny! You're just fooling me!"
"Sure Rog. That's it. I was just kidding ya. Now go get your ball and glove and I'll play catch with ya in a minute."
"Okay, Benny!! I'll get my stuff and meet ya out in back!"


"Sorry, Grandpa. I gotta go. Rog is waiting for me. I love you."
"I love you too, Benny. Take care of your brother and I'll call you again real soon."

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