Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Wednesday is for Writers...

Sorry I missed last week folks. It was an insane day complete with router burnout!

So, we are back this week with a couple of my favorite posts regarding promotion of your hard work, i.e. your novel!!! 

In an online world that now includes overly public platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc., we often find ourselves drowning in options for self-promotion that may or may not be worth spending what precious little time we have remaining to us on this earth.

That being said, here are a couple of authors that are willing to throw you a life raft and help you save your publishing career, as well as your self respect.

Enjoy, have a giggle or two, then go forth and prosper!!

Chuck Wendig ~ Terribleminds
10 Commandments of Authorial Self-Promotion

"It is time to speak about the sticky subject of self-promotion. You’re a writer. You’ve written a book and somebody — you, a big publisher, a small publisher, some spider-eating alley hobo — has published it. And now you want to know how you promote the book so that the world can fling money at your face in order to greedily consume your unrefined genius. But it’s not easy. You don’t know what works. What makes sense. You don’t want to just stand on a street corner barking at passersby and hitting children with your book. But you also recognize that you’re just one little person, not some massive beast of marketing and advertising, hissing gouts of pixelated steam and vacuuming up potential buyers into the hypno-chamber that is your belly.

What do you do? How far can you go? What should you say?"

Kristen Lamb's Blog
Selling & Social Media, DON'T Be a Personal Space Invader

"We writers are kinda weird…okay, a LOT weird. We can drift to extremes if we aren’t vigilant. Either we are the non-stop All-Writing-All-The-Time Channel or we’re afraid to mention we have ever read let alone written a book lest we offend anyone. I get it. I struggle, too. We are artists and “selling” feels…ookey.

Yes, ookey is a word.

Marketing feels especially weird in The Digital Age. But why? Also, why is the ROI (Return on Investment) so dismal with traditional marketing tactics? Facebook ads are a notorious waste of money and I doubt the guy who programmed his Twitter to mention his new book five times an hour has seen a massive uptick in sales.

Perhaps death threats, but not sales."

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