Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy Valentine's Day Snippet!!!

For all you sexy lovebirds out is a snippet of "Should Have Known"..a little tidbit of Valentine's Day erotic romance..

He grinned and pulled me into his arms. I suddenly realized how much taller he was than me, barefoot, I barely came up to his chest and I stood on tip toes to kiss him. This kiss was different than the others, sweet and gentle as if the urgency had been replaced with something else, something deeper, and something I hadn’t expected.
This gentle giant of a man made me feel like a young girl again.
Hormones? At my age, I know all about them and mine were completely out of control. My knees were wobbly and weak, my heart was pounding like there was a marching band inside my chest and I had trouble remembering who I was.

His kisses were tender, teasing me it seemed, slowly urging me to ask for more. I kissed him back, softly at first but when the heat seared through me like a forest fire, I crushed my mouth onto his, opening my lips slightly so that my tongue could graze his.

The story "Should Have Known" by Emily Keane is available on Amazon...Just in time for Valentine's Day...Enjoy!!

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