Tuesday, January 7, 2014

One Down, Fifty-One to Go...

Happy end of first week of January, 2014!

Okay, so we are nearly one week down, how is everyone doing with their resolutions so far?

I must admit, I am a little behind. I didn't start my healthier eating plan until yesterday so my body hasn't wandered into the fields of Nirvana yet. I have been walking more so far this year, but even I have to confess, I could be doing a little bit better on that score.

Now, the reason I am here, and the reason most of you are here is to see how the books are progressing this first week. Well, I am about a thousand words into the new novel, cautiously titled, "Of Angels." I was going to go with Of Angels and Demons but I keep running into Dan Brown's shirttails on that one so I decided to shorten it a bit. I might change it, in fact, I probably will change it when I see how it is all playing out. You never know where the trail is gonna lead you.

Linda Blair ~ The Exorcist
My main character, tentatively named Hope Kearny,  is about to be born.  No, you won't have to go through all twenty-five years of her life to get to the good stuff but her birth is important for a couple of reasons, plus this idea came to me one night when I was trying to fall asleep and I found myself suddenly wide awake and writing it all down on my iPad right then. Some things can't wait and when it speaks to me loud enough that I will venture out of my warm bed, I listen.

The Exorcist
Her birth scene is nearly complete and there will be one or two more chapters before she gets to adulthood but I promise, Hope is NOT the little girl next door. But if she is? It is possible you might want to move.

Everyone enjoy your second week of January, 2014 and I will see you back here with another whisper or two, soon.

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