Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Home Sweet Haunted Home...

I was doing some research for my book yesterday (which means browsing the net) and did a Google Search on New Canaan Connecticut murder. I have moved my story location to this area as it is close to the New York border where my Protagonist's father works but it is a relatively small town in Connecticut, a bedroom community we used to call it. For some reason, the town name caught my eye. It seemed I remembered a murder happening there once upon a time plus I am familiar with that area in Connecticut. Well, I was in for a little bit of a shock when my search results included a serial killer that was responsible for the deaths of four young children, a teenager who killed his entire family one December morning a week before Christmas, a murder/suicide of a husband and wife and one attempted murder and suicide of a husband and wife.  Now, remember, this is a town with a population of less than  twenty thousand NOW and one of the wealthiest in the nation.

After reading this I have to ask, what the hell is in the water there? What is going on? Is this all just a coincidence?

I might mention that there was also a demon-like idol removed from the woods in Sandy Hook, CT a couple of years before the tragic school shooting.  I have no idea if one had anything to do with the other but when I saw the video about the idol and realized the date it was made and uploaded was several years ago, it did give me pause, I will say that.  

I also came across a website during my "research" called ~ DamnedCT.com. It's filled with all kinds of juicy tidbits about my home state and definitely worth a look if you are interested.

I have to admit it is interesting to know all these interesting facts about my home sweet haunted home as  I, myself, once lived in a haunted house in the small coastal town of Waterford, CT many years ago. I believe it was the ghost of a young man that committed suicide in the house but trust me, I didn't live there long enough to find out one way or another.

Someday I might write the tale of the Ouija board and my hasty retreat thereafter but it has never felt right to do so...but perhaps someday...

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