Sunday, March 24, 2013

WEWRIWA 8 Sentences for 3/24/13

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This is part of the ongoing revision of my first novel, "Where Dreams Begin."  In the early 1900's a young girl stands upon the ocean cliffs searching desperately for a sign that her lost love has returned to her. Enjoy!!

She looked back at the stately house standing strong against the coming tempest, seemingly begging for her to return to the safety of its walls. It was a virtual fortress of stone, softened only by the faint glow of candlelight that gently flickered within its vast expanse of glassed windows.

Once again, the sea called to her in a lover’s voice, soft and sweet and she turned to listen.  She could hear her name traveling across the miles of water, “Laura” the voice sang in soft, windy tones.

She stared out across the endless dark water once again, attempting by sheer willpower to create the ship into existence, to bring it home by the mere force of her loneliness. She searched the darkness and silence again finding nothing more than the sound of the voice calling her, biding her to come.

The girl whispered back to the voice, “Jayson” and stepped forward into the darkness of oblivion.

As the girl fell from the cliffs, the sound of laughter rang clear and cruel across the dark water below.


  1. Wow -- this is so atmospheric, and filled with emotion, and then the cruel laughter at the end. . . very nice snippet!


  2. This starts out so sweetly, then hits us with an unexpected ending. Love it!